Sauna Honey

Softens - peels - moisturises - relaxes

Hehku Sauna products

95 % finnish honey!

Throughout time beauty has been cherished with honey. Korpiaho's sauna honey is a combination of pure natural honey and revitalising ethereal oils, parfums and nourishing almond oil.

Honey softens skin and muscles as well as cleanses, peels and moisturises skin. Ethereal oils offer relaxation and pure pleasure. Honey can be used for the entire body, including face, hands and foot soles.

Originally sauna honey is used in sauna: spread the honey on warm, clean skin and let it do its magic. Honey is simply rinsed off with water - there is no need to use soap afterwards. If one does not have a sauna, honey can be just as well used as body mask in shower.

We offer sauna honey with following scents packed in plastic containers (tube or cosmetic jar) of 100 ml:

  • Aloe Vera - smoothing, especially for irritated or sunburnt skin, with aloe vera extract, parfym & aprikot kernel
  • Oat - cleanses effectively, unscented, with oat extract and aprikot kernel 
  • Rose - nourishing, with almond and rose tree oil & apricot kernel
  • Ylang&Ylang - sensual, with ylang-ylang oil & apricot kernel
  • Lavender - calming, with almond & lavender oil & apricot kernel

Notice: Sauna Honeys include almond oil, so peanut-allergics must be careful with these products.