Lip Balsams

As a naturally healing ingredient honey is ideal to use in lip balsams. Our lip balms also contain propolis, which is used by the bees to repair their hive - it repairs chapped lips as well.

Propolis Lip Balm

Korpiaho's Lip Balsam with propolis has a mild scent of honey and vanilla. It is just as effective in the cold winter breeze as well as under the burning sun. Thanks to its light formula it is very easy to spread on your lips. Our Lip Balsam comes in a beautiful cell shaped container - almost like a diamond!

Propolis Lip Balm Stick

Korpiaho's newest Lip Balm comes in a easy to use stick container. In addition to propolis, it also contains beeswax to repair and condition chapped lips. This lipstick offers sun protection as well, it has SPF 15.