Flavoured honey

Korpiaho's flavoured honeys, gift packs & tea

Pure Finnish honey is the basis for all our flavoured honeys. Gathered from the Finnish wilderness, our honey itself is fairly mild in taste and therefore offers a perfect background for other flavours. We use natural oils and aromas to create interesting and exciting new experiences.

Flavoured honey is used in desserts, drinks, cooking, baking... Only your imagination is the limit!

We offer following range of flavoured honey:

  • Apple honey
  • Eucalyptys honey
  • Barbeque honey
  • Cinnamon honey
  • Ginger honey
  • Glogg honey
  • Strawberry honey
  • Peppermint honey
  • Lingonberry honey
  • Rum honey
  • Salmiac honey
  • Lemon honey
  • Vanilla honey


We pack flavoured honey in glass jars of 45 and 160, and in plastic squeeze bottles of 250 g.

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